Creating a routing structure in Angular

Can Yüksel
3 min readMay 9, 2022


Hi everyone,

We are Look at the angular rooting for today, let’s start writing our Project.Firstly create a new Project.

It offers us to create a routing structure. In this part, we write Y and click enter.

it asks us which css we want to install. You can install whatever you want.

After our project is created, let’s create our components. I created three components.


Now let’s define our paths to our rooting file. Firstly define path for default page.

After define our paths, Now create a navbar. İnstall bootstrap ,define scripts and css path for these process.

Create a new component named nav.

Example html code for navbar.

And writing ng serve for run our Project.

Here you have created the routing structure.

Thank you for reading. I wish error free codes.






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